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Hydraulic metal baler

Horizontal hydraulic metal baler.png
Vertical metal baler

RMD hydraulic vertical baler is mainly used for cold packing all kinds of light and thin waste in bundle blocks to form a compact cuboid block, convenient for storage and transportation. It is the ideal equipment for treating scrap metal in steel mills, non-ferrous metal mills and smelting works.

Horizontal metal baler

This hydraulic metal baling press model is used for pressing all kinds of metal scrap (steel scrap, aluminum scrap, copper scrap, stainless steel scrap and scraped automobiles, etc.) into rectangular, octagonal, cylindrical mass for melting in furnace. It could not only save the cost of transportation, but also shorten the feeding time. This hydraulic metal baling press model is installed in steel mills, metal recycling plants, ferrous and non-ferrous metal smelting plants.

Vertical hydraulic metal baler.png
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