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Cable Granulator machine V-C02_edited.jpg

Copper wire granulators crush copper wire into small granules and recycle it. They separate copper and insulating material by gravity and sort the granules through a screening plant. Copper wire granulators reduce the environmental impact of electronic scrap and save valuable raw materials. They are available in different sizes.

Radiator Recycling machine V-1200P.png

Radiator recycling machines are used to recycle radiators made from various materials such as aluminium, steel and copper. They cut and shred the radiators into small parts and separate the materials using special processes. Radiator recycling machines reduce the environmental impact of disposal and save valuable raw materials. They are available in different sizes.

Industrial Shredder Machine V-D80 Single Shaft Shredder Machine.png

Industrial shredder machines are used to shred and recycle large amounts of materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metals and wood. They cut the material into small pieces and reduce waste while recovering valuable raw materials. Shredder machines can also be used to destroy confidential documents and data carriers.

Scrap Metal Cutting Machine- Small alligator cutting machine.png

Metal scrap cutters cut large pieces of metal scrap such as iron, steel, aluminum and copper into smaller pieces. Used in the metals industry and scrap yards, they reduce the size of scrap for more efficient recycling. They also reduce transport and storage costs and save space. Metal scrap cutters are robust and durable.

Motor Stator Recycling Machine MR-TS.png

Motor stator recycling machines separate and recycle copper wire windings from iron cores in motor stators. The machines work automatically and cut, shred and sort materials. The recovered copper is used to manufacture new products and eliminates the environmental impact of e-waste.

Wire stripper machine v-038m.png

Wire strippers remove the insulation from electrical cables and wires to reveal the metal inside. They can be operated manually or automatically and are used in various industries such as electrical engineering, communication technology and automotive industry. Stripping machines save valuable raw materials and increase efficiency when processing cables and wires.

Horizontal hydraulic metal baler.png

Hydraulic metal balers compress large quantities of scrap metal into compact bales. By compressing aluminium, copper, steel and iron into dense bales, they facilitate the storage and transport of metal scrap at recycling plants. Hydraulic metal baling presses save space and reduce disposal costs and can also contribute to the conservation of raw materials.

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