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Motor stator recycling machines


MR-TS was developed on the basis of MR-T. Cutting part and drawing part are separate,  it has two hydraulic systems that can work at the same time, which allows you to work much more efficiently. More reasonable structure and appearance, large torque and stable performance.


MR-T is highly relevant and highly economical in terms of quality 

it could take out the whole copper winding twice after halving the motor stator. MR-T has reasonable structure and appearance, with hydraulic system, large torque and stable performance with long service life, bracket material is alloy steel, long service life.


MR-X has 4 main parts to complete cutting and recycling. One part is the cutting part for cutting copper wire from one side of motor stator, the other 3 parts are copper drawing parts. It can efficiently dismantle scrap motor stators with a diameter of 50-500mm.

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